Garden Landscaping Design: Top Tips

Garden Landscaping Design: Top Tips

Creating a unique landscape design for your garden can be an exciting but overwhelming prospect. Fortunately, there is professional advice available that can help guide you towards achieving your perfect garden. Here are some top tips for landscape designs for your garden.

Garden Landscape Design

Go Bold

If you want a landscape design that makes a statement, go with a mix of trees in oversized containers to create your own mini jungle. Try a mix of birches, ferns and perennials to create a garden that will be sure to attract wildlife.

Grass Steps

If you have a sloping garden then instead of using stone steps you can soften the look of your garden with grass treads. By integrating your lawn with grass steps you can make a more natural connection between different levels of your garden.

Garden Paths

Incorporating a garden path into your landscape plan is highly practical and can also be visually appealing. From curved to straight walkways designed in brick, stone or gravel, garden paths save you from treading on your garden and spoiling the overall look.

Sustainable Options

If possible, go for landscape design choices that minimize the environmental impact while still looking attractive. For example, use native and drought tolerant plants, as well as permeable surfaces that release water naturally.

Private Terraces

You can also use plants in your garden to create extra privacy. For example, laurel hedging along fences and walls can lend additional privacy without sacrificing the natural beauty of your garden.

Garden Roofs

An emerging trend when it comes to landscaping is by planting grass or flowers on roofs. This can bring more diversity to your garden and can help turn any dull surface or rooftop into a stunning floral display.

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping works well with sloping gardens. It can help break up your garden elements and make it more attractive. It can also be used to create more defined zones in your garden such as separate areas for dining and relaxation.

Simple Elegance

You do not have to go to elaborate lengths to create a stylish and attractive garden. Sometimes it pays to stick to one or two design choices and focus on them. A simple well laid out design choice will prevent your garden from looking cluttered and busy.

Stylish Choices

Whether you are looking for a classic or modern look for your garden, there is no shortage of styles and materials available. Whichever plan you choose, make sure you stick to it and do not try too many things at once.

Different Shapes

Designing a garden does not mean that you have to stick to symmetrical layouts. Straight lines work well with some designs while curved and elongated sections will work well for others. Look at a range of layouts to see which one complements your garden best.

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