The Benefits of Having Decking in Your Garden

The Benefits of Having Decking in Your Garden

When considering garden landscaping options for your backyard, one of the best choices is decking. Decking adds a functional area to your garden that you can use for a range of social events and activities.

In addition, decking has aesthetic appeal and can greatly increase the value of your property. Low maintenance and low cost materials such as natural wood make building decking an attractive and easy living choice. So, here are some of the benefits of having decking in your garden.

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1. Aesthetics

One of the biggest reasons why decking is a great garden landscaping choice is how much it improves the appearance of your backyard. Timber decking can come in a range of styles, textures and finishes. Whatever material you choose, decking is a unique and attractive addition to your garden.

2. Functionality

You can use your decking area for a wide range of purposes. It offers a great area to entertain and socialise with friends, especially when the party inside gets too crowded. It can be ideal for barbeques with the family, a place for exercise, or for just relaxing in the sun. The options for using your decking are extensive.

3. Low Maintenance

Timber decking requires very little maintenance over the course of its life, making it a great garden landscaping choice. All you need is a quick mop or vacuum over the surface and your deck will look as good as new. You do not need to use any regular heavy treatment: just polish the wood once or twice a year to keep it looking first rate condition.

4. Value

Not only does decking create an aesthetically pleasing multifunctional area in your garden, it also helps increase its value. Potential homebuyers are generally attracted to features such as decking. Therefore, having one of your own will further increase the desirability of your property.

5. Durability

Timber decking can withstand a lot of pressure from constant activity. In addition, many hardwood timbers are naturally resistant to a range of weather conditions as well as moulds and insects. Even softwood timbers can be pressure treated to withstand similar conditions. This ensures your deck lasts a long time.

6. Flexibility

When it comes to garden landscaping, decking is versatile enough that you can use it anywhere you need it. Decking can be installed around pools, near ponds, under pergolas, and anywhere else you like. In the end, decking is highly flexible and can improve the look and feel of your garden in many different ways.

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