Getting to Grips with the Basics of Bespoke Joinery

Getting to Grips with the Basics of Bespoke Joinery

The term ‘bespoke’ is one that originated in the tailoring industry. It was first used to refer to the creation of made to measure suits. Nowadays, it is a term used to describe everything from clothing to footwear, jewellery, furniture, woodworking and more.

When it comes to woodworking, bespoke is synonymous with quality. Bespoke joinery, for instance, is the finest service available and it is built on unique requirements and approaches. The expert technicians shape their methods to fit the specific needs of the project. For instance, a very old staircase needs a bespoke job, in order to preserve its original features.
This guide to the basic principles of bespoke joinery and why you might need them will give you some more information.

What Is Bespoke Joinery?

Joinery is the practice of creating, enhancing, or working with the wooden components of a building. This commonly includes staircases, doors, and window frames. Joinery services can either be sought for a ‘from scratch’ project (to build new features for a home) or, as is more prevalent, to make repairs to existing features.
The difference between bespoke and standard joinery is that bespoke services are able to deal with special projects. In very old homes, staircases and window frames can start to crumble and they can’t be repaired by just anybody. They have specific requirements, which is why a custom approach is necessary.

Why Do I Need Bespoke Joinery?

Your home may need bespoke joinery if the damaged wood is very old or designed in a way that is quite rare (usually, advanced age makes this an inevitability). A specialist joiner will be sent out to inspect the feature and work out a way to repair it, by replicating the original aesthetic as closely as possible. This might involve sourcing hard to find materials and using unconventional techniques.

This is what is really special about bespoke joinery; the ability to restore old and rare woodwork in a way that is, essentially, invisible. Alternatively, you might need help creating inbuilt cabinets, shelves, or wardrobes for an awkwardly shaped space. Bespoke joiners are great for this because all of the work that they do is entirely custom and designed only for you. A custom service is worth the investment, as it has the potential to boost resale value.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Bespoke Joiner?

The best place to start your search is in the local area. While there are larger companies that offer this kind of service, smaller, regional businesses tend to be more focused on the precise needs of the customer. They understand that some projects can be tricky and are willing to take as long as needed to produce high-quality results.
When you do find a bespoke joinery service that you’re happy with, give them a call and discuss your project directly. This is important because the more information that the technicians have, the more accurate their cost estimate will be. It will also help you establish what kind of job it will be; building anew, restoring old woodwork, or creating custom furniture.

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