What Kind of Carpenter Should You Hire?

What Kind of Carpenter Should You Hire?

It is easy to forget just how broad a discipline carpentry can be. These expert craftsmen operate across many different industries and construction sectors. They deal with everything from civil projects to small scale domestic work and restorations. As a result, skilled carpenters in Ipswich are in high demand.

If you need to hire one for a home renovation or commercial project, the first step is working out exactly what your needs are. Once you are clear on what kind of work is required, you can pick a carpenter with the right skills. As there are, broadly speaking, five different types of carpentry professional, it is really important to find the most suitable.

This guide to types of carpentry and picking a great carpenter will help you make the right choice and get your project off the ground quickly.

Finding the Right Carpentry Service

Generally speaking, most carpentry services can be categorised as either rough or finish, though there are variants of both. Some of the more specialist sectors include work on shops and nautical projects, trim carpentry, and cabinet and furniture making. For the most part, though, customers require help with restoring staircases, making frames, building decking, interior trimming, and drywall detailing.

If you are not sure what you need, you can always get in touch with the best carpenters in Suffolk and have a brief consultation. They will be able to tell you what skills are required and whether they have got craftspeople who can do the job. While rough carpentry is not always easier than finish carpentry, it involves less precision. So, it is normally cheaper and faster.

Rough Carpentry

Rough carpenters in Ipswich deal primarily with structural construction work. It includes framing, roofing, floor construction and pre-construction jobs in some cases (scaffolding). Their training extends to interpreting blueprints and architectural plans, so rough experts commonly handle major projects. However, they are also a great choice when building domestic partitions, roof trusses, walls, and insulation.

Rough carpenters are valuable for their expertise in wood restoration. They have a wealth of knowledge on the various things which can damage structural components. Consequently, they know how best to approach the restoration of extensive decay and rot. When looking for a rough carpentry service, be shrewd and check testimonials and reviews.

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpenters specialise in the smaller, more precise jobs, in tasks requiring a great deal of detail and finesse. They make a great choice for restorations, particularly furniture, staircases, and interior walls and sidings. In many older homes, the presence of antique features means that redecorating is a complex process. When restoring, all of the new materials and finishes have to be a perfect match for the existing ones.

It can be a tricky job, and you should choose your finish carpenter very carefully. Finish carpenters in Suffolk deal with decking, roofing, remodelling, and drywall features among other things. They tend to be more expensive to hire than rough carpenters. It is because their skills are in higher demand. They need to have a great eye for detail and be able to focus on small areas of wood for long periods of time.

To find out more about the different types of carpentry services on offer, visit Ligna Carpentry today. Or, call 01449 770 005 to speak to a representative and request a cost estimate for your project.

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