Bespoke Joinery Makes Troublesome Staircases a Thing of the Past

Bespoke Joinery Makes Troublesome Staircases a Thing of the Past

If your house is a creaky old beast, with a rich history and plenty of character, you might also have a staircase that is similarly anachronistic. And if it cracks, groans, or wobbles at will, it could be time to think about a renovation. Uneven, degraded stairs can be dangerous to climb, for one thing, particularly if there are children or elderly people in your home.

They can also bring down the overall aesthetic and décor, as poorly maintained stairs often look shabby and dull compared to the rest of the house. If you were to make your stairs a standout feature, with the use of bespoke joinery, they would become a true asset and add value to the property. Fortunately, high-quality joinery services are more affordable than ever before and they can preserve the character of the staircase while also improving it.

This guide to the various ways in which bespoke joinery can enhance your staircase will help you learn a little about it.

Renovating/Refurbishing Old Staircases

Creaky, wobbly handrails and missing spindles can be treacherous, especially in an older home with naturally uneven floors or an unusual staircase design. You don’t want to lose the essence and flavour of the existing features, but it should be safe and easy to use. Even if you’re reluctant to make changes, remember that selling the property could be more difficult if the staircase is not stable.

You don’t have to worry about the joinery work looking fragmented and jumbled because true experts and renovators are able to match the new materials to the old. They can pick out the perfect wood and use skilled methods to create a seamless blend. This is why bespoke joinery is such a valuable and worthwhile service. Don’t forget that you can be a part of the decision-making process and veto any plans that you don’t think are suitable.

Creating Stylish New Staircases

If your staircase has seen better days, however, and it is going to be safer to remove and replace it, a joinery company can help you with this as well. You could even relocate it entirely if you’re interested in changing the layout of your hall or entranceway. You might be completely renovating the look and style of the house and want your staircase to match.

Whatever your needs, if you find a reliable bespoke joinery company, you can discuss them directly and put together a plan of action. The final design will be both practical and attractive. It will come with minimal disruption to your regular routine and it will be made out of the finest quality materials. This kind of product is built to last and is guaranteed to enhance your home.

Why Finding the Right Joinery Service Is Important

If you are dealing with an old or fragile staircase, standard joinery might not be suitable. Bespoke joinery is the better option because it specialises in creating those tricky blends and matches. You don’t want to be handing the job over to somebody with no experience of recreating antique designs, as the finish won’t be cohesive.

When speaking with a joinery company, don’t forget to ask for a cost estimate. As the process is a complex one and dependent on all kinds of variables, this is subject to change. However, it is useful to have a good idea about how much you’ll be paying. Plus, if the quoted price does change, your joiner will have to discuss the matter with you and explain why first.

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