Why Professional Property Maintenance Means Fewer Tenant Complaints

Why Professional Property Maintenance Means Fewer Tenant Complaints

Becoming a full-time real estate developer is a dream for many people. If you have a passion for transforming properties, becoming an owner many times over is likely to be an appealing prospect. Yet, whether you own three homes or thirty, the responsibilities are the same. Landlords are tasked with providing their tenants with a whole range of facilities, and it is not an easy feat.

This is why many choose to invest in professional property maintenance in Suffolk. With a team of handymen, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, and cleaners at their disposal, there’s no job too big or small. From broken porch lights to blocked toilets, cracked windows, and faulty locks; whenever a need arises in one of your properties, it can be handled within hours.

Keep reading to find out why outsourcing property maintenance leads to happier tenants.

The Best Possible Services

When something breaks down, or a job needs doing, it is up to the landlord to find a suitable contractor or service provider. This can be a lengthy process because all of the different aspects of a home need to be covered (electrics, plumbing, cleaning, landscaping, etc.) However, if you use a property maintenance team, it takes the pressure off. All you have to do is let the team know when there’s a problem and they will provide you with the best possible service, no matter what is required.

Fast, Reliable Repairs

By amalgamating all of your needs into one service, you speed up the maintenance process. This has a direct impact on tenant satisfaction levels because their problems (big or small) are resolved very quickly. For instance, if a shower breaks, it might take a landlord several days to find a suitable plumber. It would take only hours for a property maintenance team to respond with a technician because they have got a full roster of professionals on call.

Minimal Disruption

The best landlord/tenant relationships are built on mutual respect. The tenant agrees to take good care of the property and bring attention to problems quickly. The landlord promises to fix issues promptly and cause minimal disruption to essential routines. Reliable property maintenance in Suffolk is designed to support this relationship. The faster repairs and maintenance jobs can be carried out, the less disruption there will be to the lives of tenants.

Manageable Rates and Fees

The big benefit of employing a comprehensive property maintenance service in Suffolk, as opposed to hiring individual contractors, is cost management. The more properties that a landlord owns, the cheaper the service gets because there is one flat rate fee for everything. So, if a sink leaks, a fence breaks, and a window is smashed all in the same week, you are only paying a single sum for all three repairs. When costs are manageable for you, there’s chance of rent increases for your tenants.

Cohesive Care and Maintenance

The impact of familiarity should not be underestimated, particularly when it comes to the home. Most tenants, when asked, say that they prefer to deal with the same faces when repairs are needed. Property maintenance teams are usually made up of small collectives which are assigned to particular landlords. So, tenants are likely to see the same plumbers, electricians, gardeners, and other professionals when they ask for help. This increases trust, makes them feel comfortable and keeps satisfaction levels high.

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