What Is Property Maintenance and Why Do You Need It?

What Is Property Maintenance and Why Do You Need It?

While most landlords would prefer to oversee all of their properties personally, the nature of running a real estate business makes this impossible. If you own more than one building, you are going to need help taking care of it, because each represents a vast network of tasks and responsibilities.

It is why property maintenance in Stowmarket is essential for anybody who cares about their investments. These comprehensive services cover all manual and technical tasks; from woodwork to gardening, plumbing, window cleaning, electrical wiring, and more. As the landlord, all you have to do is let the team know what to prioritise.

Keep reading to find out more about ‘all in one’ property maintenance services and why they are a good idea for your rental buildings.

Getting to Grips with the Basics

Property maintenance in Suffolk is very simple. As it is impossible for landlords with more than one or two properties to address every single problem associated with owning a home, a professional team steps in to do the job. It is up to the landlord how little or how much they do, but available services include gardening, plumbing, carpentry, window cleaning, painting, and more.

The most common tasks are simple repair jobs. The thing about owning lots of properties is that, although repairs may be small, they occur in abundance. With property maintenance, it is just a matter of calling the team and dispatching them to the right location. Once there, they can fix broken pipes, fill up cracks in the plasterboard, solve plumbing emergencies and anything else which tenants may need.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance

It is not just one off jobs, though, because there are some which need to be carried out right the way through the year. Gardening is the best example of this, particularly when it comes to apartment buildings and blocks of flats. Often, they share a communal outdoor space, and the landlord has a responsibility to keep it functional and attractive.

Hiring a gardener to cut the grass several times per year is a very expensive approach to property maintenance in Stowmarket. Instead, you can combine this service with the rest of you maintenance tasks and pay one flat fee. Once you have given the team your instructions (‘cut the grass X amounts of times), they will simply get to it until you tell them otherwise.

Saving Time and Money

Not only is it impossible for a landlord to manage multiple properties without help, but it would also take an unfeasible amount of time. You cannot drop your other commitments every time a toilet overflows or a boiler breaks. However, you can get on the phone to a team of contractors and professionals who are ready to do just that.

For some landlords, it can feel like a loss of control, but you have the final say on everything. It is up to you whether property maintenance agents are trusted to make onsite decisions or whether they need to confirm the details of repair jobs with you first. With the right property maintenance in Suffolk, you really can have it all.

To find out more about the property maintenance services available in your area, visit Ligna Carpentry. Or, call 01449 770 005 to request a cost estimate for your buildings.

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