The Best of Both Worlds: 4 Ways Interior Designers Are Bringing Soft and Hard Wood Together

We can all agree that there’s something rather exquisite about wood. In fact, almost every home in the country contains a wood feature of some kind, whether it’s an antique cabinet, a dining room floor, or a quirky kitchen island. Fortunately for homeowners in Stowmarket, the standard of carpentry here is very high. This means that it is relatively easy to commission ‘one off’ bespoke pieces.

You might, for example, invest in carpentry services because you want to build a new staircase or restore an old one. Local carpenters build furniture from scratch and some even work on the foundations of houses, though you’ve got to make sure you hire the right kind of contractor for this. At the moment, interior designers are going crazy for the combination of soft and hard woods, which is something that you could try in your own home.

Keep reading to find out how designers are mixing and matching wood varieties to create striking interior spaces.

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Why Professional Property Maintenance Means Fewer Tenant Complaints

Becoming a full-time real estate developer is a dream for many people. If you have a passion for transforming properties, becoming an owner many times over is likely to be an appealing prospect. Yet, whether you own three homes or thirty, the responsibilities are the same. Landlords are tasked with providing their tenants with a whole range of facilities, and it is not an easy feat.

This is why many choose to invest in professional property maintenance in Suffolk. With a team of handymen, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, and cleaners at their disposal, there’s no job too big or small. From broken porch lights to blocked toilets, cracked windows, and faulty locks; whenever a need arises in one of your properties, it can be handled within hours.

Keep reading to find out why outsourcing property maintenance leads to happier tenants.

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The Modern Wood Staircase and What You Need to Build One

For many Suffolk homeowners, the picture of a dream house includes things like a beautiful garden, a spacious kitchen, and an exquisite, hand crafted staircase. All come at a price, but the good news is that the cost of carpentry services is much smaller now than it was a decade ago. There is also a broader variety of providers and independent contractors.

If you want to build a wooden staircase from scratch, you need to find an excellent carpentry provider in the Suffolk area. While it is not impossible to DIY the job and go it alone, it actually happens to be one of the toughest projects that you can undertake. Therefore, the help of a specialist company is highly recommended. Not only do registered carpenters have the right skills, they can also make sure that your staircase adheres to local building codes.

This guide to the basics of a custom wooden stair design will give you some insight into the construction process.

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What Is Property Maintenance and Why Do You Need It?

While most landlords would prefer to oversee all of their properties personally, the nature of running a real estate business makes this impossible. If you own more than one building, you are going to need help taking care of it, because each represents a vast network of tasks and responsibilities.

It is why property maintenance in Stowmarket is essential for anybody who cares about their investments. These comprehensive services cover all manual and technical tasks; from woodwork to gardening, plumbing, window cleaning, electrical wiring, and more. As the landlord, all you have to do is let the team know what to prioritise.

Keep reading to find out more about ‘all in one’ property maintenance services and why they are a good idea for your rental buildings.

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